About Us

Cherish Photography

Every moment in life is special, and some events are exceptional. What we do is make obvious the uniqueness, providing you with an unrivalled experience that enhances personalization, adding style to it. As said, as we are closely associated in film making for over a decade, it is only that professional expertise from film industry that would be at your event covering every moment with their cinematographic eye. Cherish Photography is a creative collaboration founded by the state’s best in ad & filmmaking, the Cherish Makers Make Advertising Agency.

This photography & Videography haven is initiated by Prakash V. Danthuluri and G. Narasimha Raju, both highly regarded professionals in photography & Videography with decade years of experience. They felt the niche of colour and glory of the film industry missing in covering the personal events that are in fact more pompous given their importance in the real and personal lives. With uncompromised passion, they initiated Cherish Photography that brings the world of fashion to your doorstep and makes you the diva of your event. As the creative team is cherry picked from the best in the cinematography, do not be surprised when you find the team that covered the videos and still photographs at your event, is working among the top movie names including the A-list celebrities in the film industry.

With Cherish Photography, you will experience the talent of freezing the special moments. Our style of photo and videography is for everyone. When we are with you, everything is in place, right from the best, state-of-art equipment, professional photographers to creative digital imaging team to create an experience that is filled with a sense of family, talent and a great vibe to match. We take care of the colors, texture and trends, in a style that it would be no less than watching a movie, but with your personalized style and tastes. Let your loved ones watch the event that is captured with our eyes, and we bet, you’ll love the results! With Cherish Photography, your frozen moments are cherished evermore, because extraordinary people deserve an extraordinary experience.